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Wood Co.

Taylor'd Edge Wood Company is here & continues to grow as a brand. In 2016  I started sanding down a piece of raw wood in my garage for my kitchen island.  The positive feedback was astonishing, it hasn't stopped since & neither have I.  Along the way I've met some great people, whether they are wood sources, knowledgeable mentors or those who have helped design a logo and build my brand. It is a personal goal of mine to go above & beyond to create amazing works of art. Each & every project is a challenge, in its own unique way.  To this day there hasn't been one piece like another.  Hand-crafted, one of a kind, client designed wood projects are what I am here to do.  Browse through our gallery for ideas and inspiration, grab a shirt while you're here & support your local woodworker!

Custom lumber milling available!


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