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Custom Wood Milling & Slabs

Custom wood milling is here!  Added to our line up is an ol' trusty Wood Mizer sawmill. To be exact, this sawmill can handle logs up to 48 inches in diameter.

Maybe there's a tress on your families property that needs to come down, but there are so many memories.  There's a sentimental story that needs to be told, and what better way to keep those stories alive... Custom wood milling is available.

Imagine you and your closest family members each having a slab, you can all gather around you new dining table or coffee.  Think, "if this table could talk". We're here to help with that, to help you let the natural beauty of the wood live on, along with all of the stories to be told for generations to come.

Custom orders, single slab sales for DIY Projects and much more.

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