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Don't Forget About Mom!

Treat her (or yourself)!

Mothers day is approaching fast, swing by Saturday and grab her a fresh bundle of blooms.

There’s no better gift than fresh cut flowers straight from the farm, don’t wait and get 'em at the grocery store checkout..

Saturday the stand will be open at 9 am. We will have fresh cut flower bouquets for $15 wrapped and ready to go, along with large mason jars filled with fresh flowers for $30! All flowers are seasonal and they go quick. There is limited availability, so come by early to get some.

Sunday the stand will be open for those who pre-ordered ONLY.

**if you pre-ordered, your flowers will be in a marked bucket labeled “pre-orders” and there will be a list with your name on it**

Stand opens at 9 am on both Saturday & Sunday! There is a possibility that more flowers will bloom in between now and Sunday morning. If that happens I will update you all on instagram with availability.

Keep your eyes open for the new roadside stand!

We’re 1/2 a mile south down Keller Rd off of Rt 512, Wind Gap.

Happy Mothers Day to you all, hoping it clears up and we have a sunny day!

xoxo, Nica

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