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It's Cold Out: featuring my Easy Elderberry Syrup Recipe

In the WOOD Shop:

First month into the new year called for some new upgrades! Drew got the shop insulated and a propane wall heater installed, so no worries, he stays warm out there.. even when it’s 15° outside.

He has been working on two large projects. We’ve got a 7 ft live edge, single slab black walnut desk & a 10 ft black walnut dining table! Along with a few end tables & a set of shelf boards.

It’s a lengthy process, finding the perfect slabs, milling/planing them down to the appropriate thickness, & if need be rippin cuts to join them together creating a seamless look. Once the build is done it’s sanding and finish work, the easier end of things but requires a meticulous eye. & that’s where we’re at currently...

(we'll have loads of pictures to share in the next two weeks as these projects get finished)

In regards to HOME & GARDEN:

In our HOME, I’ve been chipping away at moulding, cutting, installing & painting. If I’ve learned anything “MEASURE TWICE, CUT ONCE”. Using the miter saw is not my favorite thing to do, but if I’m going to learn, doing projects in my own home is the place to start.

First room done!


Elderberries are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. In other words, nature’s flu shot, best taken as a preventative measure to lessen cold symptoms.

My go to “recipe” includes dried organic elderberries, vodka, water, cinnamon & ginger to taste, boil & once cooled add in some raw honey. Check it out & give it a go, super simple, tasty & well worth it!

*i enjoy a spoonful in a glass of hot water, like an elderberry tea*

Elderberry Syrup Recipe
Download PDF • 4.10MB

Spring is coming, and it comes fast!

Did you plan your garden yet?

Map it out?

Did you order seeds?

Are you ready?

Yes, yes, yes & yes.

I am so excited for this years garden! More on that in the next month as I get started with planting seeds & getting my hands dirty.

Thanks for being here with us!

Nica & Drew

Taylor’d Edge Farm & Wood Co.

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