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Let's Chat...

Let's chat summer blooms, specifically if you ordered a subscription!

Don't worry, we didn't forget about you!

Typically our summer flowers start blooming in early July.

We are cleaning up our growing space/hoop house from our spring flowers & latest event. We did it, we flowered a 200 guest wedding this past weekend! Thank you so much to the Higgs & Yeska families for trusting us to take part in your special day.

Phase II is underway!

All of the summer bloom seedlings have been planted and are doing great, along with a whole bunch of dahlias!

No doubt in my mind, this will be our best cut flower season yet. An email will be sent to our subscription holders regarding the first drop of their summer blooms.

Please keep in mind, we grow & sell cut flowers here! In order to provide you all with the best, longest lasting blooms, we cut flowers before they peak/bloom. By doing so, you get to enjoy full blooms!

We seem to be doing more farm work than projects in the woodshop at the moment. It's growing season!

Last order of business, something we couldn't be more excited about!

Our neighbor (yes, directly next to us)... is farming! The most generous people and the best neighbor(s) anyone could ever have, have decided to open their space for all to enjoy. He has planted his property full of sunflowers! Sunflowers bring so much beauty into our lives & are full of benefits for surrounding animals and the integrity of the soil. If you're local we hope that you'll join us in supporting The Krocks through this adventure. Take a ride down Keller Rd and peak at the progress as things start to grow. Come August this side of the township will be in full bloom!

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