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Looking for the Perfect Gift?!

Fall is here, cool cozy day and nights, trees full of color but the leaves are falling fast. All of our surroundings change in an instant.

Take your time, enjoy every moment of that crisp cool air and the warm sun shining. We love to sit around a good fire after a day of work around the property. Soon enough it’ll all change...

On the farm we have many days of “winter prep”. We’re splitting fire wood, bulb planting for spring blooms, digging and dividing dahlia tubers to store over the winter, swapping out for warmer clothes and adding layers, beef processing & filling our freezers.

Think fast, the seasons are changing, get to decorating! Let me help..fresh cut, hand tied greens. Seasonal wreaths available for delivery, problem solved!

Don’t miss your chance at fresh hand tied greens that’ll last all season as you welcome others through your door. You can visit our shop online to pre-order for local pick up or delivery. Deliveries begin Nov 22.

Now your mind is really turning. Looking for the perfect gift? Scrolling through lists of must haves? Let me share with you, the perfect pick me up!

A fresh cut summer flower subscription!

Add a burst of color to your home or work space, it makes a perfect gift for a special someone. Each bouquet will be packed full with seasonal blooms & delivered to their doorstep!

Maybe they’re more of the grilling type..

Custom made cutting boards & serving trays available also.

Gift giving complete!

Stop scrolling, don’t waste time, check out our online shop!

And if you love a good deal. Small Business Saturday is coming!

Small business Saturday (& Sunday) the wood co will do a story sale, if you follow us on instagram be sure to check it out!

We’ll have on sale apparel, cutting boards and serving trays. It will be first come first serve, when you see an item you want just message us to claim it, we’ll arrange payment & pickup.

Thank you as we have time for small custom projects only in the wood shop. If you're thinking something special for a gift, please reach out now. Can't wait to celebrate the holidays with you all!

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