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Mud Season & All About Family


Let me ask, what is a dining table to you? Just for dining?

Imagine this... a table for more than just dining.

You gather with your family for Sunday dinners..Sit around and play cards afterwards. The holidays you’ll always remember, there’s no place to sit because the spread of foods covers all surfaces. Maybe get together with your friends for drinks, reminisce & tell old stories. Or all of a sudden you’re in your thirties and the get togethers with your buddies happen less and less often. What you do have is kids. Your kid(s) sit at the table, they paint, they laugh, they cry, they build and they leave a mess behind and around every corner they turn. You don’t just have a dining table, you have memories made. Lasting memories that you won’t forget. Take the pictures, the videos, make the memories at your table.

Inquire about a custom table (6ft or bigger) between now & 6/1/22. Mention this blog post for $100 off!

P.S. We're still milling over here, little by little. We hope to have a decent inventory by the end of the summer. This will be perfect spot to browse for hobby woodworkers or those looking to do a DIY project.

GARDEN: Preparing to plant.

Did you plant seeds, water them, keep them warm and shine light on em?

After all that Tender Lovin Care, are they growing?!

Good, great. Have you thought about your plot yet? Maybe you have the perfect spot but you still need to till the ground, amend the soil and fence it in to keep the critters out!

Pro(ish) tip: if you’re newer to the game and have a hard time identifying your plants, this is where a garden map comes in hand! Labels don’t hold up the best in Mother Nature, however once you’re plants start producing you may be able to figure out what they all are.

Aside from that. Keep loving on those seedlings, come May we’re getting the goods in the ground!

Hoping for Easter &

Mother’s Day flowers!

We should have fresh cut daffodils & tulips at the stand!

Stand will be open on

Saturday & Sundays 9am-sold out.

Reminder: We are 1/2 mile South down Keller Rd off of Rt 512, Wind Gap.

Cash or Venmo accepted.

Local delivery available.

And the BEST for last....

Our Sweet farm dog, Mumf has left us. A huge hole in our hearts and gone way too soon. He was our first pup, the best pup, well behaved, calm, the best listener and protector. Our little one misses the company, and so do we. Thanks to many for all of the kind words.

RIP Mumford xoxo

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