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Spring has Sprung

It's been a while, & we have lots to share. Especially if you like a great deal, keep reading while we spring clean!

All of our Farm Logo T-shirts will be marked down to $12 each

USE CODE: SpringCleaningT

Lil Cutie Striped cutting boards will ALL be marked down to $25 each

USE CODE: SpringCleaning

Flower T-shirts & Farm Hoodies are also available

Order on our website, deals are good for the month of April!

Farm & Flowers:

Our favorite time of year is quickly coming up! After last season I set goals for myself & around the farm:

  1. Grow for two large events in 2023

  2. Offer Summer Flower Subscriptions

  3. Organize & figure out more storage

And I must say, we're doing it all!

We have not one, not two, but three larger events planned & spaced out perfectly.

This will be our first season offering summer flower subscriptions!

I cannot wait to grow with a purpose and people in mind.

If you're more of a DIY person and you like to try new things, we offer bulk "bucket o' blooms!

Farm wise were fertilizing, planting, cleaning up around the pasture and more. We'll have hay bales available to those that are in need come cutting time.

In the Wood Shop:

The Wood Co. has been super busy the past 3 years & we have been taking more work than ever!

Milling, milling, milling! We have stockpiled an assortment of logs that we are going to be slabbing up into beautiful live edge pieces for your purchase. Either for a specific project in mind that we can create and bring to life or for all those that want to dive in on their own DIY.

In addition we will have a wide variety of dimensional inventory as well!

All slabs will be properly kiln dried and ready to go!

Please keep reaching out and designing beautiful pieces for you. We would love to start adding a good bit of cabinetry to our schedule to round out the furniture business completely. At some point we will be able to provide full kitchens our customers, including cabinets, islands, and tables, all custom designed & built.

Not to forget we do refinish furniture as well, send all the projects are way!

Personal & professional, its about to be podcast time. We love learning new things and people, whether its about woodworking, farming or any other business ventures or just BS about life. We welcome you to come chop it up with us, while we "Leave it in the Attic" which we will formally name the podcast.


Make sure you're signed up for our emails, those who are will be the first to know when we have fresh flowers for the taking & live edge wood slabs available.

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