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This is geared to be an intimate, relaxing evening in the flower patch. Spend the night with your loved one, bring a bestie or even some alone time. Come enjoy the breeze and build a bouquet during golden hour. Being one with nature, it's like therapy, we'll call it "Flower Hour".

BYOB: Bring your own blanket, bug spray, basket and/or bottle.

Each session is limited to 8 people in total, keeping it as private & personal as we can, from 5:45-7:45 PM. The patch is shaded at this time, dress accordingly. Undesirable weather is the only reason for rescheduling to occur.

Provided to each ticket holder is a glass jar & snips for cutting your own blooms.

Fill your jar while you're here, do as you may and enjoy!

Important Info:

*you may enjoy the fenced in garden and hoop house, however cutting in those areas is off limits unless specified.

*although this is a patch of beauty it is still a farm, a home to not only us but our animals, please be respectful & stay in designated areas.

*bathrooms are not a available at this time, plan accordingly.

*no children under 13, check back for family night specials.

*this is non-refundable/non-returnable, but you can transfer your ticket just send us an email @

*parking: enter field from our roadside stand.

Semi Private U-Pick

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