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36 Days until Spring!

Mud Season is here! It is 100% percent our least favorite time of the year, however it means there are so many exciting things around the corner..


We got a ton foot dining table done & delivered, of course we forgot to snap a picture..

This weekend we're starting on two ten plus foot live edge sycamore bar tops!

Did you know that we have charcuterie boards and cutting boards in stock in our online store. Check it out!

Special item: set of 24 wooden block for $45

Blocks are approx 2 inches, squares and rectangles and are made from walnut, maple & birch. Sealed with a food grade finish, safe for your little ones!


GARDEN: How to plant seeds.

Last month I touched on garden planning & seed starting. Staying organized helps immensely and really helps you make the most out of your space.

I draw it all out, the boxes the beds, even the spacing for each plant and how many of each I need...

Where to get seeds: online; uprising organically, johnnys seeds, edens brothers, Harris seeds, burpee, baker creek/rare seeds, also check your local hardware stores as well. Seeds go fast so plan and prepare wisely!

When starting seeds indoors there are a few things that are helpful.

  • Seeds (read the packets!)

  • Seed trays

  • Dirt (really theres no type better then the other)

  • Heat mats

  • Grow lights

  • Labels

  • Fan

  • Spray bottle

I start by filling seed trays about halfway with dirt, watering, making labels, reading seed packets & popping seeds in the dirt.

Depending on the depth of the seed, you’ll next cover with dirt.

The seed packet will give you an estimated amount of time for germination (when you start to see a green little seedling sprout). I like to use a spray bottle to mist everything with water, as needed, never let to soil get dry but you also don’t want to over water.... and don’t be afraid to run a fan, this will keep moist souls from getting moldy.

Heat mats: create a warm base under the seed tray, this will likely increase the germination rate!

Grow lights: you want to place the lights as close to the seedlings as possible, approximately 2-3 inches above seedlings. 12 -16 hours of light a day is plenty for these little guys to get what they need!

Happy planting to all!

By the way..... I took a day and attempted to divide dahlia tubers for the first time. I since put them in dirt, now I wait to see if they pre-sprout. If so we will have nearly 100 dahlia plants this upcoming season!

& Our cut flower garden is expanding, by three. That means more bouquets, diy bouquet kits (bucket o’ blooms) for your parties and events, oh and spring/easter flowers coming THIS year!

Once the weather breaks here it shouldn’t be long until our bulbs start popping up.

Check back on our site to pre-order bouquets!

Flowers for friends.

Flowers for family.

Flowers for you, from me.

Let’s get going!


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Feb 16, 2022

Such a beautiful web page the articles and the flowers

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